The Last Days of The JesuCristo

by Verbal McMahon

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"The Last Days of The JesuCristo" was inspired by a period of time in Verbal McMahon’s life. "The JesuCristo” was the nickname for the very old car that Verbal’s grandfather let him drive, until it finally died out. The songs on the album were written during the "last days" of the car’s existence. Production was entirely original, handled by the likes of MadScientist, Mighty Ant, Coopatroop, etc.

The album cover is an actual picture taken by Verbal on the car’s last day, in it’s final resting place.

The album was released alongside an official music video to the single, “Skittles”:


released February 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Verbal McMahon New York, New York

Verbal McMahon is an independent artist from the Lower East Side of NYC. Half Filipino and half Puerto Rican, Verbal is a true lyricist who blends the sounds of classic HipHop with a twist of today's modern rap sound.

Verbal McMahon just released his free project "The Last Days of The JesuCristo", along with a music video to the single "Skittles"
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Track Name: Prayers (Prod. Mighty Ant)
*Car failing to start*

[Verse 1]
I'm from a city with forever stench
Forever grimey blocks, we seen shit, ain't never wince
Slightly glimpse into the future, spawned a clever prince
Now my present is a gift, been rappin ever since
Ain't never fled the trench, ain't nothin heaven sent
Ayo my heart is tense, that's why my art is dense
That's why I keep these crowds jumpin like Carter Vince
That's why my squad seem odd, we plottin our revenge
Verb the main event, we could stop the suspense
It all led up to this moment, got no regrets
They got no defense for who they go against
Spit Jehovah bless, it's Judgment Day, you get your soul addressed
Ya rep stolen sets, I got your hoe impressed
But I prefer the older wench with the golden flesh
Ya should know it, young poet keep a poetress
Schemin with my demons, we feenin to put the Pope to rest

Dance the death dance, no chance to tell my story
I don't say my prayers, let Grandma say em for me
Dance the death dance, no chance to tell my story
I don't say my prayers, let Grandma say em for me

[Verse 2]
Grandma say em for me, look they prayin on me
That's how they cope and hope there's never flowers layin on me
My brain stayin on me, I dodge stupid cowards
Yuppie scum where your home? You tryna ruin ours
Alphabet City, the kid with the superpowers
Do as I say, kneel & pray towards the newest tower
One of your crew devoured, now your whole unit cower
On the darkest nights experience the lucid hours
The Ave wild, black clouds rain polluted showers
Walk through the storm stoned off the super sour

Dance the death dance, no chance to tell my story
I don't say my prayers, let Grandma say em for me
Track Name: Memories (Prod. Gsus)
I know...I know I don't got it so bad
But just sometimes...feel a heavy weight
Got a heavy a heavy heart...

[Verse 1]
In the memory a couple things are far gone, lost to time
Plus the Green Goddess had her way, lost my mind
In this maze we call a thought process
I'm in the process of elimination, a hostage with imagination
Infatuation with the rhyming and the orange leather
Abominations and their timing bring the carnage nearer
I'm in the climate of the chronic, spit harmonic clearer
Than you've ever heard, my word is supersonic nigga
Times are harsh, see the kids hit a Chase bank
With just a couple shanks, black hearts and face paint
We where it's Live Every Second and a minute hot
In the city, in the inner city, on the inner blocks
In a foxhole reject God, the squad the only higher power needed
We dragons fire breathin
In the palace think malice with high supply of reason
In a kingdom where your biggest fear is to die of treason

[Hook 2x]
I know I seen it before, I know I dreamed it before
The present repeat, the blessing is deep, believe

[Verse 2]
So now he spittin this ridiculous wickedness
Sick as syphillis, limitless and he's infinite
Listen what the mission is
Fear these mischievous bitches, Verbal with the vigilance
Jumpin hurdles with his circle, herbal what he lifted with
The turtles movin faster than the tourists in the trains
Gotta hop, my pops a purist, florist and insane
Memory malnourished; too many forests to the brain
Drop rawness in a chorus, flawless what he claim
Lower East Soldiers build a fortress in your name
The battles are forever, think we rattled? Nigga never
The cattle always follow but a wolf is prolly packed out
If not I'm lone, the fam took a look, I see the look
"My god, he's grown!"
I left my heart at home and put my mind to work
I couldn't watch the throne, I'm busy after it
I'm Christian, no I'm Catholic, the shit that's always happenin
I'm startin to think that's just life and ain't nothin after it



[Verse 3]
Now I'm burnin all this Al Green
I'm tryna strike a nerve in my soul, the cold make you shiver
It's why my niggas downing these bottles like they could make a new liver
By the twos, by the rules never play
Never stray from the task at hand
I'm tryna masterplan to match the Clan
Or top that, I drop that, you blast the jam
Loud, my confidence is in a cloud
In a city where we livin wild
Girls got different fathers for a different child
Volcano Verb yo these herbs is barely spittin mild
Sure of it, I ain't never call it when I'm gettin fouled
Just like a distant owl, I watch the night I feel the fright
Let out a vicious growl; An animal of all sorts
On ball courts in top form and in the booth too
The kid beside me, that's my brother, he the truth too
No wonder we undiscovered, you fuckers need a Blue's Clue
And fuck these undercovers, I'm hoverin above all

Track Name: He (Prod. Mighty Ant)
[Verse 1]
They call him Verbal but his mental was the 1st gift
He bright, still he came to fight, he throw the 1st fist
Right across from Key Food he got the 1st kiss
4th & A, the 3rd quarter when he 1st miss
His squad take enough shots to give you hurt wrists
Smokin on the purple, tryna find his purpose
He saw the action 'fore it ever took place
Only to himself if he ever say grace
Patient with the hand, see he never play race
Ya tryna play King, he just tryna be Ace
From a city where they throw shade, catch case
Reason you gon lose, cause you can't keep pace
Reason he leave Earth, cause he want see space

2nd place, never knew it, never will
He hold a hand up, time forever still
He make em stand up, rhyme with clever skill
He draw the plan up, prime forever ill

[Verse 2]
He like Dali when the paper catch art
He be off to fast starts, black soul, black heart
He ain't never met a match and he ain't never seen God
Try not to get attached, he done heard them fiends sob
Heard them screams, roars when he spit them mean bars
He got hit with reality, he seen stars
Twinkle, twinkle, he rock the tee wrinkled
Roadtrip to Hell, he need to stop and take tinkle
His plot evil, watch the block atop steeples
He from a place where they smoke rock, pop needles
The cops lethal, fuck it he still cop diesel, sour
Entrance announced by Howard Finkle
He soarin like eagle, your boring mind feeble
He don't believe you, you need more people
How you plan to fuck with him? Your whole style see through
He must eat you, you don't get redo
He the smartest hardest artist on a easel
Why you bother tryna bargain? He only deal in Hebrew
Ya really just robots, need reboot, damn
Your spirit leave you as soon as he command
Soon to see the plan come together like Paul, John, Ringo
A's across the board I yell bingo

Track Name: Windows (Prod. MadScientist)
[Verse 1]
Emotions known to betray, love enough reason for treason
It's pleasing to the ear to hear the gentle sound
I wear the mental crown, physical coming soon
Heart of Winter, they humming they typical Summer tunes
I cripple a couple fools, sippin a cup of booze
Live average or own the palace, what you think ima fuckin choose?
Linking up with my dudes, the classics in the work
Make the masses go berserk, flashin they asses in a church
In God we trust, speak for yourself
Hard to believe til I meet him myself, I keep to myself lord
Verbal universal, keep a small circle
The keef is all purple, you sheep are all white
We the kings of the blackout, kings of the blackout
Scenes flash back now, fiends in the back route
Peace to Queens, where the team is all Flips
Through the seams cross quick, leave with a mean boss chick
On my arm, no harm done, Smooth as CL with PR
Out to PR, Two-Face coin play the strings on the guitar
We on, now be gone, I'm off to infinity and beyond, I'm out

I feel the wind, feel the wind blowin fast through my windows
I'm speeding past, speeding past ya and I ain't slowin down

[Verse 2]
The precious time go faster than I would like
Disaster natural, it's backwards; Read chapters in the night
Believe in myself, I'm the only crafter of my life
Seekin answers led me to become this master on the mic
Reach Astor, eat the light, still ain't feed my appetite
69, grab a bite, haha relax yourself
You fallin, catch yourself, we warring, strap yourself
Are you all in? Ask yourself, if you aren't mask yourself
The storm is coming, MC's boring, whack yourself
Either way it's a wrap, feed your decay to the rats
Black, to the science put together by the Scientist
Properly greet the alliance or we form a lot of biases
Start a riot quick, tip of the L got the fire lit
Reach higher, pass it to the lions I conspire with
The apes that I roll with, the wolves that I feed with
Stay adjusted to the seasons, I'm wheezin
Off the Blackberry in the bamboo
You wack niggas canceled, your boy Verb up next
Matter fact, I'm right now, winner stay on
The drama ongoing so my mama pray on

Track Name: Oddly Enough (Prod. Airplane Beats)
I'm fuckin with that fedora though
That fedora real smooth, real old school shit
With a hoody on and shit right?
Yo you could put me up in the phones a lil bit, the beat?

[Verse 1]
Rappin like a genius, got you clappin when you see us
Keep a yondom strapped upon the penis
Except for when she, when she gaggin on the semen
Like a dragon how I'm breathing
Them DreamTeam goons got the moon, we out to Venus
Or to Pluto, in the studio you dudes are all pseudo
Got your girl strippin to Menudo, give her kudos
Body and brain, what a duo
The one that study Judo, ju don't know shit about the kid Verb
I flip birds, I twist words, I switch girls, so get curved
I live cursed, I piss herb, outta this world, I miss Earth, word

Yo chill Verb, chill (yo fuck all that)
Why you wylin b? (fuck that)
Chill dogs, come on (we out here) Chill

Your lips flap the trash but it's hardly enough
Ain't no answer when I'm callin your bluff, oddly enough
Your lips flap the trash but it's hardly enough
Ain't no answer when I'm callin your bluff, oddly enough

[Verse 2]
The time just passes, I try my best to get it all
In honest gist, I spit the raw; A modest crest that sit the wall
Smoke Incredible Hulk, blow my high, you piss me off
You sissies soft, I'll put you in a Figure Four
Try to guard up, you get your ankles broke
MilesMck swing aluminum bats, you get your ankles broke
Then let him spank your hoe
Tell him spare your life so be thankful though
Brink of the East River where we dangle foes
If you ain't drowning I'm releasing the sharks
Peace to the park, the freaks off the leash when it's dark
The saddest part is, you ain't even peeping the art
Secret meetings with these heathens cause these demons too smart
Why you breathin so hard? We ain't even at the start
This the prelude, see to me, you rappers just seafood
Your act is just see through, do the math there's no equal
How you match the kid who voodoo craft on the people?
Raps are lethal, weapons stocked, I rep the block

Avenue D, Lower East Side
4th street, 2nd street, 11th street (what up what up what up)
All them streets you heard?

Track Name: The Most High (Prod. DJ Puerto Roc)
6th Borough shit
Godly music

[Repeat w/ adlibs]
It's the most high
We from the Lowa
We on the rise
Track Name: Skittles (Prod. Mighty Ant)
I'm the rapper with the least rocks
Most potential, know the sweet spots
The witty young street fox
Burn a forest, high as treetops
I'll have your wifey give me sweet box, I fuck in my elite socks
Fans roar when my 3's drop
When the beat drops I'm beast ock
These piggies know I eat cops
That's bacon, that's pork chops
You get shaken on these raw blocks
Couple break-ins, let your jaws drop
I'm awakened, no mistaking , you fuckers all flops
I'm out the park, you still tryna play shortstop
I'm the new kid out the Apple like Kristaps
Porziginis, what?! The war bringers, yeah
My team is all ringers, on the scene your whole lingers
She prayin to the lord that I perform cunnilingus
I told her "sorry doll, all you'll get is strong penis"
And all these doubters get my hand minus 4 fingers
That's the middle, perhaps your mental little
Might see me in the middle of Little Ittle
Nickels and dimes, rhymes and crimes, who really civil?
Rappers let they thumbs twiddle, me I shoot off the dribble
Hit my dude with a signal, watch your crew get crippled
Unfair game, how can I blame a fool if he simple?
I'm damn near insane, too many claims, too many swindles

Yo how he reign through the rain, all the while solvin riddles?
How he came with more flavor than a ounce baggie of Skittles?
Yo how he reign through the rain, all the while solvin riddles?
How he came with more flavor than a ounce baggie of Skittles?

Feel me?
It's Verb McMahon
Father Fire, Mighty Ant
Yeah...feel me?
Track Name: Most Guys (Prod. DJ Puerto Roc)
Most of these guys sound like most guys
You ain't never had the vision, got the closed eyes
I feel it in the air when the smoke rise
Now tell me who could listen when your soul cries?
Most of these guys sound like most guys
You ain't never had the vision, got the closed eyes
I feel it in the air when the smoke rise
Now tell me who could listen when your soul cries?

[Verse 1]
The timing ain't right, what a damn shame
My art is my heart, feel my damn pain
The sad child act foul, snatch chains
The Ave wild, black clouds, black rain
Gray areas, to me ain't nothin scarier
I know I speak the truth, it seems rare to ya
My breed is nearly gone, we barely hangin on
My reflection suck his teeth, said "what you waitin on?"
Might just spit a speech, you can't reach what I'm speakin on
I fight when I'm asleep, those my demons that I'm swingin on
Been to hell and back, they settin traps, sellin acts
But my eyes well intact, see they whisper lies but yellin "facts"
I commit to committing murder with compelling raps
Who could spit the crispest words, make the legends clap?
The crew a mix of misfits who affect the map
Lower East Savages, ravenous disrespectful raps
The best in class, no gas, teach had me check his math
We dressed in fash make you ask where we get that at
Never fear deficit, relax there's a 2nd half
On wax ain't a better man, that's facts you get reprimanded
On the lid you see the NY, of course nigga
My rule enforced nigga, know you feel my force nigga
My childhood idols was artists and sports figures
So I sort figures and perform in ball shorts nigga
Believe in self, question mental health of cross lifters
God, what a small mind, I find my thoughts bigger
Explore lost scriptures where they drew flyin sauce pictures
Why the prettiest people avoid mirrors?

Like most guys...
Got the closed eyes...
When the smoke rise...
Make my soul cry...

Track Name: 20 Somethin (Prod. Coopatroop)
[Verse 1]
Met a beauty 20 somethin, she was rudely interrupted
By who we end up becoming, I smoothly introduce me, "hi"
Call me what you like lady, for most "Verb" or "Jordan"
Her look was foreign but, her scent was near home
She spoke in rare tone, said in one night we could tear Rome
Down to flesh and bone, she a brickhouse the sex is woah
X and O, I'm blessed to know her
The best part, the best ain't over
Where we rest, the Lower, she know the sets we throw up
Oh, and how we move at night remover her fright
Taught her if she keep the dark, she'll never lose the light
Baby girl, prove em wrong, prove me right
Sweet girl, do it all, do it right
And she dear to me, arch her rear for me
She shed a tear for me yo
If I ever go, forever know I never meant to hurt you
They wasn't lying when they said patience is a virtue
I close my eyes and smell the fragrance of your perfume
You bop your head to the cadence of my words too see I know what words do

All I'm sayin, let yourself go, free your mind
Young lady 20 somethin, got the sweetest smile
And I know how everybody see the times
But we could redefine that, just me and mine

[Verse 2]
I'm only 20 somethin
I heard you heard of me, but when in sight it's like plenty frontin
I'm steady buggin for affection and some other thangs
She speak the Rotten slang, she got her mother's bangs
She stuff her jars, rock her scars, scream "fuck your chains"
I play the bad cop, she into handcuffing games
Told you keep an open mind, see what discussion brings
Told you keep it open for me Ms. Thang
And you love it when I rap to you, coming home back to you
After we do our thing, gotta give dap to you
Baby you a animal, so good it's laughable
So hood, it's natural, not much I would rather do
We like the modern day JFK and Marilyn
Perfect balancin of humble with some arrogance
They struggle for comparisons, we makin rare appearances
It's quite embarrassing how much I'm really feelin you
Beliefs I instill you, me and you we the illest duo
We find loopholes in this life to avoid tombstones
We only die when we lie, remain truthful

Track Name: M14 (Set Sail) (Prod. MadScientist)
This one go out to all the troublemakers
The heartbreakers, the fast cash makers

[Verse 1]
Ayo I can't fall asleep if my pen stay awake
My heart already broken so I can't take a break
The words already spoken, take a chance, take a place
Things gettin dirty, see my closer early, face the 8th
Wonder if ya taste the waste, you niggas talk bullshit
Out your mouth, out your ass, might as well be the same
We done came with the fire, it's over your head
Open your legs baby, there you go soaking the bed
Who gon dry that? Fuck, I need my high back
Fortune teller guy tell a lie, you tell a lie back
Here I am tryna eat, live with no regrets
It ain't good enough, they told me I ain't focused yet

[Hook 1]
I say until my eyes are seeing it, my mind not believing it
But how much can I take, I'm tryna make it MC'ing it
But can I make mistakes? I'm human, I'm just being it
I hate this shit, this a bad relationship, I'm leaving it
And I ain't walkin bitch, I'm M14'ing it
I ain't walkin bitch, I'm M14'ing it
I ain't walkin bitch, I'm M14'ing it
I ain't walkin bitch...

[Verse 2]
Shit, nothing to clear if your throat get slit
I'm kidding, maybe not, addicted to the daily pot
Or am I? Clad in armor like a samurai
I'm goin off, tired of being on standby
Pops in my face yelling, he claim the blind lead the blind
And us? We all just Helen Kellers
I'm running on adrenaline, heroin in my uncle vein
Ain't nothin changed, I'm in the mirror thinking somethin vain
Represent New York nigga, ain't nothin strange
Fact if you on the block then you in bucking range
Life's a movie, try rollin with a cast of shooters
Look out the window, contemplate the past and future

[Hook 1]

*Beat switch*
"One of the most important things you have to learn when you study English, is how to identify a verb"

[Verse 3]
We settin sail, gone with the wind, it's all the same
House gems for my seed to carry on my name
Madly in love but sadly it's nothing but rain
Fuck it, I'm puffin on somethin with Jay
That's my brother, you address him as you would me
Save all your stories bout what I should or could be
Let's talk about what I am and what I'm gonna be
You pull a gun on me, I'm liable to catch the bullets
I'm known for schooling cats from St. Marks out to Willets
Point Boulevard, the Point God, what's the point?
I'm with a bad joint, she roll a fat joint
Mother Earth infect my brain, another set to flame
Another check to gain, another sea to swim in
Another league to play in, starting beef at the weigh-in
What?! Half Flip, the other .5 Boricua
My voice bag the chicas, now I'm out lord

[Hook 2]
The kid special and the talent raw
Feel the force, throw the balance off, clothed in a cream robe
The trees rolled, I'm beastmode, welcome to the freak show
Time is just a concept, don't take it out of context
Cold water drippin from the faucet, I lost it
My mind that is, the slime malice
That we living with, your feelings get hurt
For what it's worth, from my birth til I hit the dirt
I'm sailing towards somethin better

[Instrumental Outro/Waves]